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In order to feel God one must know God. Only when surrounded by God’s beautiful Creation can one know and feel God’s presence.

Enter the wilderness as created by God. Be still and know God. Listen to the sounds of nature for they are the sounds of God. Feel the wind for it carries the breath of God. Breathe deeply and know that God is giving you the breath of life. Place your hand over your heart and feel the beat of God as His/Her spirit courses through your veins. Watch, listen, feel, and know the spirit of God as it enters every cell of your being.

The call of the heron is the call of God. The murmuring of the wind is the breath of God. The splashing of the waves is the essence of God. The sparkling of the stars is the twinkling of God’s eyes. The warmth of the sun is the warmth of God in your heart.

To feel God’s marvelous Creation is to feel God.
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